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Dick Gregory on Talktainmentradio’s ” All In Our Family” Radio Show w/ Host S. Yolanda Robinson

Thursday, May 22nd, 2014

TTR Graphics- S Yolanda RobinsonShow host, S. Yolanda Robinson, author of “There’s Magic In The Blackberry Patch” , a recipient of numerous honors for her work with children and families in Central Ohio, brings a compassionate and loving approach to the tough issues facing American families to online radio. Join the online radio conversation:Call 1(877)932-9766 during the LIVE Show

5-22-14 Dick Greorgy
This Week on “All In The Family” Ms. Robinson interviews Dick Gregory, African American comedian and civil rights activist whose social satire changed the way white Americans perceived African American comedians since he first performed in public. After a bout with cancer he developed an interest in vegetarianism and became a nutritional consultant. In 1984 he founded Health Enterprises, Inc., a company that distributed weight loss products. In 1987 Gregory introduced the Slim-Safe Bahamian Diet, a powdered diet mix, which was immensely profitable. You can read more on Dick Gregory. [Excerpted from]

Tune in to the All In The Family show with your host, S. Yolanda Robinson on to hear what #DickGregory had to say about racism today, the Malaysia Missing Flight, some conspiracy theories, and his own health as a vegetarian who is now a nutrition consultant.

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Monday, February 24th, 2014

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Love & Laughter with a Message: Meet the Ladies of the Tuesday Primetime Lineup

Thursday, April 25th, 2013

Tuesday evenings at are all about getting personal. Gett’n Down to Earth, Creative Connections, and Real Talk are shows that encourage audiences to get comfortable, call in, and share their stories and insights on a vast array of topics. Led by love and life gurus Earth Jallow, Tomiqua Perry, and Nikki Ransom, the lineup allows each host to showcase her own style and unique personality. To get to know them better, we sat down and asked them a few questions to learn more about their experiences and their shows. Want to know more about the ladies of the Tuesday primetime lineup? Read on!

Why don’t you each tell us about a little about yourself…

Nikki: I’m a married mother of four children and two bonus children. I’m a Certified Master Sex Expert and Sex Coach and owner of Naughty Angels LLC, where we provide sexual education and enhancement products.  I’m an author also appearing in a collection of erotic tales with New York Times bestselling author Karrine Steffans.  My main passion in life is to educate people about sex, what sex was really meant to be for us, and how to have amazing relationships.

Earth: I started off marketing and pushing other people and their product or brand. I enjoyed being behind the scenes and making others look good. I had the opportunity to do marketing and personal assisting to some celebrities, which allowed me direct access to their professional knowledge. I studied under international motivational speaker Les Brown, and gained invaluable music industry knowledge and contacts through Erykah Badu, Talib Kwali, and a few others.

I bumped into Khari Enaharo in early 2000 after doing some shows on WVKO and an internet radio show, and he said I had a radio voice. He later had me on his show, “Straight Talk Live”, as a guest and there bloomed my media broadcast career.

Tomiqua: I am a 33 year old event planner, promoter, emcee and general advocate for the underground arts and entertainment scene. My first love was, and still is, written word. I started my creative journey by way of poetry and jewelry design.

What is your show about?

Earth: Gett’n Down to Earth is about LIFE. The things that go on within our families, with women, children, education, politics, and music. My show is community oriented, yet nationally targeted.

Tomiqua: Creative Connections is a platform for artists and entertainers in Columbus to promote projects, events, concerts, and entrepreneurial ventures. Weekly topics pertain to current issues and developments relating to creativity and life issues.

Nikki: Real Talk is all about being your best when it comes to love, relationships, and sex.

How do you feel being a woman in the radio industry, which is a predominantly male arena?

Earth: I don’t care about that.

Nikki: I enjoy it.  I haven’t noticed any downsides to being in a predominantly male industry.

Tomiqua: I love it!! I have always had a special energy with the male species. Often I am underestimated because of being a woman and being short; that is, until I open my mouth and then it is quickly apparent that I am educated and well-versed in most topics pertaining to creativity. Being the minority motivates me.

Is there any advice that you have for those who aspire to follow in your footsteps?

Tomiqua: Work hard, persevere, manifest and make adversity your driving force. Walk in your path and purpose with a genuine heart and you will succeed.

Nikki: Do not compromise on your vision and go for your dreams no matter who tells you it won’t work or tries to knock you down.

Earth: Don’t follow in my steps…create YOUR own!

Be sure to tune in Tuesdays at 5 PM, 6 PM, and 7 PM EST to listen to Gett’n Down to Earth, Creative Connections, and Real Talk!

4 Things Every Woman Should Do in the Morning

Monday, March 25th, 2013

Living a healthy, happy, and balanced life is essential for everyone, especially women. Here is a list of four things every woman should do at the start of her day:


Getting a brisk walk or jog in the morning is the best way to start your day off. It jump starts your metabolism and endorphin levels that keep you energized for the day.  It can be as simple as a bike ride or yoga, get those muscles moving early in the morning! Be sure to grab a healthy breakfast afterwards.


Waking up early and eating breakfast is probably one of the hardest things to do; but it is also the most important. Eating breakfast in the morning can determine your mood for the rest of the day. This is because serotonin, a neurotransmitter that is related to our well being, needs the nutrient of breakfast to kick start our day. If this meal is skipped (or if you try to suffice with a donut) you could ruin the chance of having a good day. Women need Omega 3’s along with protein balance to keep hormones and metabolism straight. All it takes is a little extra time in the morning to get your day started properly!


This, in my opinion, is one of the best things to do in the morning. Sitting in silence for a moment and letting go of all of your troubles from the day prior, listening to music, or meditating is a great way to distress. This allows you a clear mind that is ready to conquer a new day.

Remind Yourself Your Beautiful

We tend to forget to tell ourselves this but that needs to change. After your workout, breakfast, and de-stressing in the morning, look in the mirror and remind yourself of you beauty and your worth. If you don’t believe it, then how can you expect someone else to?

There you have it ladies! Do you have any morning rituals? Share in the comments and let us know!

Women in PR: Debunking the Stereotype

Friday, March 15th, 2013

Public relations has become a rising industry that is dominated by women. One would assume that women would get a little more respect because of this fact but, to this day, there are many stereotypes surrounded by women in the industry and it is time to debunk these stereotypes once and for all.

After declaring my second major in public relations I fell in love immediately with the field. When I would share this with others I always got the same response:

“What’s PR? Isn’t that like planning parties and stuff?”

Wrong! We can thank the shows “Sex and the City” and “The Hills” for this assumption.

The intricate nature of public relations

Being a Public Relations Practitioner is way more complex than just planning a party and getting media coverage. There is a lot of strategic planning that goes on behind the scenes that women are heavily involved in.

Not only is it important to know how to utilize traditional media platforms in the industry, women also have to become acquainted with new nontraditional media platforms and stay “in the know” of trends in the industry – as well as digital platforms with the rise of social media becoming a key factor in integrated marketing communication strategies. There is more to the public relations industry than the glitz and glamour that is displayed on popular television, and women now rule the industry.

Why do women rule the industry right now?

Women are the masters of the industry because of their drive and determination to find the best ways to represent their clients. Some work for large public relations firms and others start their own businesses; regardless of where women are working, they have been the headliners of major marketing campaigns across the globe.

So, for those who believe that all women in PR do is plan parties, check out this video from Mark Ragan Communications on women dominating public relations.

What are some other stereotypes you have heard about women in public relations? Comment and help me debunk these stereotypes!

5 Most Influential Women of the 2000’s

Sunday, March 10th, 2013

It’s Women’s History Month so all of my posts over the next few weeks will focus on women! First, we are going to take a look at some of the most influential women of the 2000’s and why they inspire us.

Bibi Aisha

After 18 year old Bibi Aisha ran away from her abusive spouse and his family, she was dragged to a mountain top where she had her ears and nose cut off. She was told by Taliban leaders and officials that she had to be made an example of so that other women would not think it was right to run away from their husbands.

Bibi Aisha was left on that mountain to die but instead rose a woman who would inspire us all. She continues to stand up against the Taliban in Afghanistan despite her horrific story. Not only was she the face of TIME Magazine in August 2010, she is also the face of all women to remind us that we can stand up for what we believe and make a change in our lives. Her story will continue to live on across the globe.

Portia Simpson Miller

Public servant, Jamaican parliament elect, oh! And the first woman to become the Prime Minister of Jamaica!

Portia Simpson Miller made history in 2006 when she became the first woman to become the Prime Minister of Jamaica at the age of 66; she was reelected in December 2011. Just last year she called for Jamaica to become a republic and break away from the British Monarchy and today she continues to fight for the rights of all Jamaicans including civil rights for gays and lesbians.

Virginia Rometty

Move over boys, you’re not the only one who can be CEO of a fortune 500 company! In 2012, Virginia Rometty became the first woman to have the title at CEO at IBM.

Virginia has helped the company excel in foreign countries like China and India. She has also helped the company conquer locally in the business world and education with programs for up and coming tech-savvy children.

Her 30+ years of experience in computer science and electrical engineering has earned her the top spot of this billion dollar company and she has shown us the c-suite is for women, too.

Samira Ibrahim

Two years ago after Egyptian soldiers captured her and other female protesters, they were forced to take “virginity tests” to prove that they had never had intercourse. Samira Ibrahim refused to stay silent and sued her local military. In December 2011, a judge ruled that the practice was illegal; but her fight had only just begun.

In March 2012, a military tribunal acquitted the doctor who performed the “virginity tests” and Samira has promised to continue to fight his acquittal through international law.

Samira Ibrahim refuses to stay silent about this humiliating practice that she was forced to endure. She continues to be a voice for women’s rights in Egypt to prevent this from happening to other women.

Oprah Winfrey

How could we have this list without, Oprah?!

Oprah Winfrey was the first woman to have a television show where she talked about many topics facing American women. She was an inspiration outside of her day job taking many trips to foreign countries and doing humanitarian work.

Actress, author, philanthropist, friend – without ever meeting her, viewers can get a sense that Oprah is a genuine person. She continues to inspire women across the globe.

Know of some women we should have put on this list? Comment and tell us some of the women who inspire you! Interviews ‘Brown Sugar on Sports’ Host

Friday, March 1st, 2013

As previously announced, is going to the 2013 Arnold Sports Festival! We enjoy events like this because we get the opportunity to be in the thick of the excitement and get to be up close and personal with members of the community. We’ve tapped Brown Sugar on Sports host, Danielle Benson, to be on site to interview sports enthusiasts to get the inside scoop on all things ASF2013. An athlete herself, we spoke with Danielle to hear about her history in fitness, her feelings on women in sports, and who she looks forward to talking with most!


Tell us a little about yourself…

I’m a Columbus native, I LOVE sports and the arts, and volleyball is my favorite sport. I’m a mom to a beautiful teenage daughter, I design jewelry, and in my spare time I like to paint.

What inspired you to get in to fitness?

I’ve been an athlete all my life! From little league tee ball to playing volleyball, basketball and competitive cheerleading in college. My parents taught us at an early age to be active, they had us in all types of sports. And even in the summer when we to spend time with my Grandma there was never any TV watching, only playing outside literally from 8am-7pm.  Being active is my way of life, I don’t think I know of any other way to be.

You are involved in many different activities. You’re a radio host, a high school coach, a volleyball trainer, a personal trainer, and that’s just a few of your many hobbies. How do you find the time to do it all?

Time management and not enough sleep at times! I try to focus on one thing at a time. I also run my own jewelry design company Nontle Jewelry. That’s the artist outlet that balances my athleticism and provides a sense of peace and positivity in the daily grind.

You will be conducting interviews for at the 2013 Arnold Classic Festival. Will this be your first time attending the event? If not, what can first-time attendees expect to experience?

Yes it is and I’m soooo super dumb pumped!! (one of my favorite saying to express my excitement level, LOL).

Being an advocate for fitness, who are you interested in speaking with at the Festival?

The first-timers!! It’s always interesting to hear the story of someone’s first time at a national event. And since this is my first time as well, we are all in this together!

How do you feel about the progress the industry has made on shining the light on women’s sports?

I’m pleased, but I think there could be more coverage on the national level. There are other sports besides women’s basketball that deserve the public’s attention.

What steps do you think need to be taken to garner more coverage for female athletes in a male-dominated arena?

Show women for the athletes that they are and don’t diminish their talents!

Is there any advice you have for girls who aspire to go into athletics?

Don’t be discouraged by anyone to not go after what you want!!! I’m 5’3″ and I was told I would never play volleyball outside of middle school, but I went on to succeed at the college level. My team was 5th in the nation in Division 3 colleges at the time (something the school hasn’t been able to achieve again.)

I also want to say that it’s OK to be a girl and be an athlete! You don’t have to alter your look in order to play sports! Be true to your feminine side… And you too can say…”Don’t let the lipstick fool you!”.


Be sure to tune in to Brown Sugar on Sports Fridays at 8 PM EST. Podcasts of the show are available 24/7.


What Does Black History Month Mean Today?

Sunday, February 17th, 2013

Harriet Tubman, Martin Luther King Jr., Sojourner Truth, Malcolm X, Rosa Parks – recognize these names? These are only a few of great people who began to pave the way for African Americans forever. From freeing slaves to marches on Washington, these people risked their lives for all African Americans to live free, comfortable, and happy lives with the same rights as everyone else.

Black History Month: Looking beyond textbooks

We have learned about these people all the way through grade school, and even into college. We are aware of the amazing things they did and what they went through to do them. Now that we are all grown up, some of us with degrees, jobs, and families of our own, Black History Month should go beyond the textbooks. Black History Month should be a reminder to us all, no matter what race, that we can have an impact on society that can last for eternity.

Today we are faced with many factors of violence and hatred. From gun violence in communities and schools, to kids bullying one and another – and some killing themselves because of it, to even bigger scales like the wars and threats of nuclear wars. All of these things give us the opportunity as a community to ask ourselves, “if Dr. King or Sojourner Truth were still alive today, what would they do?” Would they sit around and watch their community suffer from a few bad seeds, or would they stand up and speak out on what is right?

Coming together as a community to create change

This is our time now. We have the opportunity and the skill to be able to take our communities back. Stop the violence and the hatred and stand up for what is right. Just like the greats once did in their time.

Black History Month does not mean we sit on our couches and watch another documentary or special about what has already happened. Black History Month means that it is time for us to reevaluate what is going on around us and make a difference in our communities. Just like those brave men and women who did the same for us.

It’s our turn to make history. What are you willing to fight for?

5 Valentine’s Day Ideas

Friday, February 8th, 2013

Looking for last minute Valentine’s Day ideas? Look no further! We have got you covered with five ideas for you and that special someone.

6 Course Dinner and Wine Pairing

Looking for a little more romance? Check out Plum Run Winery’s 6 course food and wine pairing from 7-9pm. This event will have locally sourced food and fresh ingredients for a special Valentine’s Day experience. Reserve your spot by calling Plum Run Winery or email Diane today – space is limited!

Open + Smart = Love

Join City Music Columbus for a special Valentine’s Day concert at Via Vecchia Winery. This event is in partnership with Equality Ohio to celebrate the equality in love and Columbus being recently recognized as one of the seven “smartest” cities by the Intelligent Community Forum. Our city has played a big part in the equal rights movement and this event will highlight those moments. Purchase your tickets for Open + Smart = Love today!

Love Stinks?

Presented by O.G. Productions is the 2nd annual St. James Valentine’s Day Theatre Shorts Festival. Have a drink and laughs with friends as you watch a collection of short plays put on at St. James Tavern. The admission to this event is free with the only purchases being your own brew; which makes this idea perfect for a group of friends!

FFN’s Date Night

Want a good laugh? Here’s another single friendly date you can enjoy with friends: Join Full Frontal Nudity at the Mad Lab for romantic story-telling; with a twist. You and the audience will tell your story of love and they will act it out and retell it from a different point of view. Maybe your lover will be replaced with a monkey or an alien – who knows!? Grab your ticket now to find out!

Dinner by Candlelight

Camelot Cellars is hosting a special Valentine’s Day Dinner by Candlelight from 7-9pm. Enjoy a romantic evening with a three course meal, lots of wine, and live music. Each couple will receive a rose and a special gift when they leave. Space is limited for this event so get your tickets online today!

Already have special Valentine’s Day plans? Let us know what you’re doing!

Tattoos and Piercings In the Workplace: Still Taboo?

Thursday, January 3rd, 2013

Tattoos and piercings have become idolized in today’s society. With hash-tags like “#teamtatted” and “#teampierced” all over Twitter, these things have become a social norm. It is hard to come across someone who does not have a tattoo or piercing.

While being a part of “#teamtatted” and/or “#teampierced” may have become a social norm, has it reached a point where it has also become a norm in the workplace?

Subtlety is key?

Being a person who has two tattoos and five piercings, I believe that tattoos and piercings are slowly becoming acceptable in the workplace as well; depending on management.

In high school, I worked at a fast food restaurant and I had my nose pierced when I first started working. During the course of this job I acquired two other piercings and two tattoos, and management seemed perfectly fine with it. Later, we got new management and they did not like the piercings, but they were perfectly fine with the tattoos. Other jobs after that did not seem to be bothered by my piercings or tattoos even after offering to take them out upon request.

So what it is about piercings and tattoos in the workplace that make them acceptable or not?

My piercings and tattoos are very subtle and hardly visible. Which is why, for most of my past employers, it has been acceptable for me to have them. Or if they did not like them they are easy to hide. For example, I just got my septum pierced (SURPRISE!) and this is a cool piercing because it looks awesome, and you can literally flip it up into your nose to hide it. And if I didn’t tell you I had it, you would have never known!

Moral of the story

Tattoos and piercings are slowly making their way into the workplace, but don’t get too crazy! If you’re considering a piercing, be sure that it is something that you can easily remove or hide if asked to by an employer. As far as tattoos go, these are permanent, so be sure these are small or something you can hide easily. Don’t expect to get a job with the infamous Gucci Mane tattoo. Because then I will say 1. “Told ya so!” when you don’t get the job and 2. What were you thinking?

What’s your take on tattoos and piercings in the workplace? Share your thoughts in the comments below!