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Is Radio Show Host a title you would like to have? Become a Host of your own Show on TTR

Tuesday, April 1st, 2014

Speak you mind become a host

Seriously, have you ever thought about hosting your own radio show?  If it has ever crossed your mind; keep reading for an exciting opportunity at #Talktainmentradio to host your own radio show.

What kind of people should consider using radio to reach their audiences?  Doctors, lawyers, real estate agents, or financial advisors — use radio to highlight their knowledge, increase their name recognition, build up their local celebrity, and gain new clients.  It’s a great way to  promote books, seminars, or other sideline business; like a LIVE walking talking ad.

Others use radio to entertain or to promulgate a particular point of view — political, religious, or otherwise their own idea. This non-commercial type of show is often supported by advertising. Hosts can even make their radio show into a business of its own, buying time slots for a fixed price, and selling ads themselves directly to businesses. A brand new revenue stream to support your cause and platform.

OK, let’s give you a few things to think about while you are thinking this thing over.

Checklist for pondering becoming the host of your own radio show:

___  Do you have a business or service to provide?

___  Do you have a message with a mission you want to share?

___  What topics would you want to discuss on your show?

A few examples:

  • Interviews with recent news-makers or local politicians
  • News, especially very recent events
  • Controversial issues (the economy, crime, global warming, education, etc.)
  • Interviews with book authors (who need publicity)
  • Recent articles from the newspaper, magazines, or online publications
  • Business/Finance/Legal
  • Celebrity News
  • Recent events in TV shows or movies
  • Ridiculous things that really happened
  • Music
  • Relationships
  • Health and fitness advice
  • Contests with listeners

___  Is this going to be a full-time, part-time, or hobby for you?

___  Do you like to research different subjects?

___  If you could interview anybody who would it be?

___  Who would be your support for getting it going?

___  When would you like to get started?

While I know many things are dancing in your head right now about all of the possibilities; let’s start you out with the application process by giving you more details.

Give us a call and explore the idea of having your own radio show that’s heard locally and can be promoted world wide.   #ShopLocal #BeGlobal !

On; the Worlds Greatest Radio, Radio the Way It Should Be Heard!

Contact for more details.  Mention you saw it here and get a Free Promo Commercial for your show publicity!


Talktainmentradio offers Advertising Cost that make sense-

Thursday, March 27th, 2014

3-17-14 Advertise with TTR offers over 40 different shows from one end of the spectra to the other that reaches listeners of all ages, cultures, and various other demographics that you are trying to connect with too!

Currently TTR categorizes the variety of shows it offers by days and then by type/genre .  Check out our program page to see all of the different shows and host.  This will help you in deciding whether you want your commercial spots advertised across the board or specific shows.  Plus you can also select in your package a flip, banner, leader, or side bar website ad on our home page, a particular show page, and/or all of the above.  We aim to offer businesses, organizations and individuals a market place and platform that is affordable for all budgets.  We pride ourselves in being a leader in the national and local market offering professional marketing and promotions tools that reach your target markets.

State of the Art, full service, radio station and video production studio, is what we offer to those who want to reach the masses and take their message to the next level in style without breaking the bank.

Packages for advertising with TTR fit your budget, promote your message, service, and/or product, and most of all provide you with tools you can use on-Air, You Tube, and your own personal online sites.

Contact us today and find out how you can take advantage of these offerings.

send an email to: for pricing and more details. Or give us a call at 877-932-9766

5 Things You Must Experience During Spring in Columbus, Ohio

Thursday, April 18th, 2013

Spring is all about putting away your winter clothes and heading outside to enjoy the warm weather for the first time in 6 or so months. To help you get the fun started, here is a list of 5 things you must experience during Spring in Columbus, Ohio.

Columbus Clippers Games

There are few better ways to enjoy the Springtime than to go to a Columbus Clippers baseball game. Nestled deep within the thriving Arena District, Huntington Park sees tens of thousands of fans walk in and out of its gates to cheer for their favorite team. It also doesn’t hurt that the ever-popular Dime-A-Dog Nightcontinuously brings in some of the largest attendance numbers of the season!

The Short North Arts District Gallery Hop

Held the first Saturday of every month, Gallery Hop attracts thousands of visitors looking to take in culture in ways they have never experienced before. Various examples of art can be found tucked in-between buildings and lining the sidewalks as attendees enjoy the sights and sounds that accompany the affair. Unleash your inner art enthusiast as you take to the streets of the Short North to observe the work of some of the region’s (and nation’s, really) most talented painters, sculptors, and photographers.

The North Market

This gem is a must-see for anyone who considers him- or herself  a “foodie”. Boasting savory cuisine options for even the pickiest of palates, the North Market houses businesses known for providing consumers with some of the freshest meat, poultry, and seafood in central Ohio. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, a passion for ethnic food, or even prefer to have breakfast for dinner, you can find it all here. Basically, if you crave it, the North Market’s got it! It’s also worth noting that the North Market is Columbus’ only public market and  an incubator for small businesses.

North Market

{photo courtesy of}


Columbus’ Parks

Franklin Park. Scioto Mile Parks. Goodale Park. Really, there are just too many great parks in Columbus to name. Each one possessing its own unique sense of scenery, central Ohioans are really spoiled for choice when it comes to picking where they want to spend their afternoons. Take advantage of the concerts and gatherings that take place in the many, many parks of Columbus. There is a lot going on, here. You just have to know where to look!

Hit the Patios!

One of the major perks of Springtime in Columbus is that a vast amount of restaurants have patios! Take advantage of the weather by going to a restaurant, finding the perfect table and enjoying your favorite margarita or taco (or both) as you sit outside and view the world around you. The best part about the patio dining experience is that you can do it at anytime, anywhere: lunch, brunch, dinner, and even after the kitchens close!

I hope this list was a great jumping-off point for getting you outside during the Spring season.  Let us know in the ‘comments’ section what you recommend for fun in the sun in Columbus!

Have you seen the Talktainment Radio billboards?

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

If you live or work in the Columbus, Ohio metro area, you’ve probably noticed our new billboards around town. We’ve been utilizing outdoor advertising (the oldest form of media) for a couple years now and every time we run a new billboard campaign, we see a significant increase in traffic to

Moving up from Posters to Bulletins

There are two main types of traditional billboards, the poster and the bulletin. In the past, Talktainment Radio placed posters throughout town. Poster billboards are typically 10’5″ x 22’8″ and are seen on surface streets or main thoroughfares. They are often seen side-by-side or stacked on top of each other. For our latest outdoor advertising campaign, we decided to upgrade our media placement with bulletins. Bulletins are larger billboards with the most common sizes being 10’6″ x 36′ and 14′ x 48′. Bulletins are usually seen on main highways, state routes and interstates. Because of the larger size and placement in high traffic areas, bulletins attract a lot more eyeballs. We’re looking forward to seeing how our site traffic has increased, just by using larger billboards.

Have you seen our New Billboards?

The latest round of Talktainment Radio bulletins were up at the following locations in Columbus: McNaughten at Main St., Rt. 3 north of Morse Rd., 2822 N. High St. and State Route 161 and Cleveland Ave. Here is a photo of the bulletin location on SR 161, just east of Cleveland Ave. What do you think?

Working with Matrix Media

Talktainment Radio partners with Matrix Media for all of our outdoor advertising needs. Matrix Media helps Talktainment Radio plan, select and secure the best locations for our campaigns, as well as produce the necessary materials that are installed on the billboards. If your organization or business is ever looking to plan a winning outdoor advertising campaign and wants to work with savvy professionals, we highly recommend Matrix Media.