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News in Online Radio: Volume IV

Thursday, July 5th, 2012

Here at the Talktainment Radio blog, we like to keep an eye out for interesting news tidbits in our industry. It helps us keep tabs on current trends and identify the direction of online radio. When we dig up some share-worthy content about online radio news, we’ll post it here in our News in Online Radio edition.

Scandal Over Internet Radio Listenership Claims

Recently in South Africa, a brouhaha has erupted as several online radio stations were provided (and went public) with falsified listener figure reports.

It turns out that internet radio stations 2oceansvibe and Ballz Visual have a fraction of the number of listeners they had publicly claimed, and the source of the misinformation is coming from a firm they hired for auditing and monitoring reports.

It was discovered that Ballz Visual typically had between 200 and 300 daily listeners between 12pm-6pm, compared to the 50,000 it had previously claimed. 2oceansvibe was also found to have about 200 listeners, compared to the 60,000 it had claimed.

The inaccuracies came to light when a South African Information Technology expert named  Shaun Dewberry published a blog article pointing out the erroneous claims. Dewberry said that the bandwidth used to stream the live radio broadcast didn’t have the capacity to accommodate the number of listeners claimed by the stations.

Both stations have since severed ties with the auditing firm, NetDynamix.

 Advertisers Becoming Comfortable with Internet Radio

Century 21 Real Estate is launching an advertising campaign on Pandora internet radio, and has gone so far as to create its own station on the streaming music service.

“Our goal is to reach prospective customers wherever they are consuming media, and Pandora Radio certainly meets that objective,” said Bev Thorne, chief marketing officer, Century 21 Real Estate. “It is also a great tool for our sales professionals.”

The station includes on-air advertisements for the Century 21 brand, with exclusivity during the listening session. A custom skin has been developed for the channel, so that if it is playing on a laptop, the web page appears with Century 21’s branded message.

New Online Radio Station to Focus on Programming for Kids

Based in Pittsburgh, The iQ Kids Radio channel will launch in early 2013. It will start out as an all-day stream on Saturdays only, with the goal of increasing it to 24 hours a day throughout the week. Also, some of the streaming programming will be available on-demand as podcasts.

Programming featured on iQ Kids Radio will be of the educational nature, with shows and content dedicated to science, music appreciation, languages and more. The target audience will be ages 12 and younger, with the focus on programming for pre-K and early elementary school children.

iQ Kids Radio is part of iQ: smartmedia, a WQED educational initiative that provides online resources including video, activities and games for kids, along with webinars for educators and caregivers.