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Dick Gregory on Talktainmentradio’s ” All In Our Family” Radio Show w/ Host S. Yolanda Robinson

Thursday, May 22nd, 2014

TTR Graphics- S Yolanda RobinsonShow host, S. Yolanda Robinson, author of “There’s Magic In The Blackberry Patch” , a recipient of numerous honors for her work with children and families in Central Ohio, brings a compassionate and loving approach to the tough issues facing American families to online radio. Join the online radio conversation:Call 1(877)932-9766 during the LIVE Show

5-22-14 Dick Greorgy
This Week on “All In The Family” Ms. Robinson interviews Dick Gregory, African American comedian and civil rights activist whose social satire changed the way white Americans perceived African American comedians since he first performed in public. After a bout with cancer he developed an interest in vegetarianism and became a nutritional consultant. In 1984 he founded Health Enterprises, Inc., a company that distributed weight loss products. In 1987 Gregory introduced the Slim-Safe Bahamian Diet, a powdered diet mix, which was immensely profitable. You can read more on Dick Gregory. [Excerpted from]

Tune in to the All In The Family show with your host, S. Yolanda Robinson on to hear what #DickGregory had to say about racism today, the Malaysia Missing Flight, some conspiracy theories, and his own health as a vegetarian who is now a nutrition consultant.

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Talktainmentradio Celebrates Black History Month

Saturday, February 15th, 2014

FEBruary Black History MOnth 2013 1-31-14 v2While there is much controversy over the topic of whether or not we should continue to celebrate Black History Month and other specific dates and months of recognition for individual populations and holidays; is celebrating Black History Month to commend past, present, and future everyday heroes who have made a positive impact on individuals and society.

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Here are a few of our host who already have scheduled special guest and topics to commemorate Black History Month

All In Our Family with host Yolanda Robinson has a number of guests who are highly acclaimed in the field of Black Studies. They are: Dr. LaFrancis Rodgers Rose, Dr. Harry Edwards, Dr. Molefi Asante, Val Gray and Francis Ward, Dr. Ron Daniels, Dr. Clenora Hudson Weems,Dr. Linda James Meyers and Dr. Jacqueline Wade. Check out the All In Our Family page on TTR for show times.

The Kinsman with radio show host Melek Heru February 12 – “Africa’s Nation-Child: Nine Generations In The Womb of Captivity”…February 19 – “The Tenth & Eleventh Generations: The Quest For Power and Peace In Jim Crow America”…February 26 – “The Twelfth & Thirteenth Generations: The Quest For Education And The Rising Tide of The Descendants of The Survivors.” Check out the Kinsman page on TTR for show times.

The E. Michelle Lee Show with radio show host E Michelle Lee shares the mic with co-host for a day, Joseph C. Phillips Actor, Conservative Columnist, aka Lt. Martin Kendall from the Bill Cosby Show. Lee engages Phillips in discussion for Black History Month to help listeners hear about things you won’t get from main stream media.  Check out the Kinsman page on TTR for show times.

Check out this Talktainmentradio Face Book page post where other show host will be adding special guest joining the on-Air celebration of Black History Month.

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Music to Take Center Stage on Special ‘All In Our Family’ Podcast

Friday, July 26th, 2013

The upcoming All In Our Family podcast is something of a departure from the show’s usual theme. Normally tackling topics regarding family issues and obstacles, this week’s airing focuses on music and its effect on popular culture and listeners. Soul singer FiL Straughan and Jobie Thomas of R&B band Enchantment and are the show’s special featured guests.

FiL Straughan is a US/UK soul singer whose career took off after deciding to leave his desk job in favor of music. With his voice drawing comparisons to that of the late Luther Vandross, Straughan has garnered just as much critical acclaim for his song covers as his original work. A former employee in the investment banking arena, he will share his feelings on touring and the genre of love ballads on All In Our Family.

Jobie Thomas is one of the members of R&B legends Enchantment. The group, best known for their hits “Sunshine” and “Gloria“, the latter of which was performed on Soul Train, has seen many of their singles achieve notable accomplishments on the Billboard charts. An avid supporter of the arts, Thomas will discuss Enchantment’s generation-spanning music, his love of audience participation, and his ties to The Temptations.

Tune in Saturday at 8PM and 2PM as host Yolanda Robinson welcomes Straughan and Thomas as they discuss their views on the deep history of music, the entertainment industry, and their hopes for R&B. For those of you who can’t get enough of All In Our Family, a very special re-airing of this podcast will take place on Tuesday at 1PM, only on Radio, the way it should be heard!