Radio’s Impact on the Election

We were all bombarded with television ads, billboards, and print advertisements during the past and very intense 2012 Presidential Election. Even social media sites threw advertisements our way about the election. While we are all aware that big elections come with more advertisements, what people didn’t realize was that those advertisements followed us everyone; especially during our daily commute.

Last month as I took my daily commute, I realized that radio had just as much influence on the election as television and print advertising had. During commercial breaks, nearly three out of the four commercials I heard had to deal with the debate. Whether it was directly paid advertisement from the candidates or other organizations supporting them, the commercials were non-stop.

The advertisements were not aimless. There was definitely some strategic planning going on in placement. The hip-hop station I listened to only played commercials that were for President Barack Obama. The top 40 stations played commercials that were for the President and Former Governor Mitt Romney. Then you had the “oldies but goodies” stations that only had commercials that were for the former Governor.

But the attempt to reach out to the American People via radio did not stop with a few 15 second placements on your favorite stations.

The President himself made an appearance on morning radio right here in Columbus! He spoke directly during their morning commute. Encouraging Ohioans to get out and vote and make our voices heard.

While we were able to see all the televisions ads and billboards, hearing what the candidates had to say definitely had an impact on the election. Radio is still pervasive and will continue to be a force to be reckoned with. That is why both candidates used this resource to their advantage heavily in this election.

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