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Time Warner, Insight Deal Angers Central Ohio Minority Groups

Wednesday, December 5th, 2012

Television and internet provider Time Warner Cable has some members of central Ohio up in arms over their February 2012 purchase of competitor Insight Communications. The acquisition was enough to generate worry among subscribers who watch diversity-centered programming. The Minority Media Community Collaborative (MMCC) voiced their concerns over the cable giant’s plans to stop offering customers diversified programming from Minority Brands, the company behind Bounce TV Columbus and Telemundo Columbus. Holding a press conference at the First Missionary Baptist Church November 28, General Partner Khari Enaharo, NAACP Columbus President Noel Williams, and Pastor Frederick LaMarr appeared on behalf of the MMCC in an effort to voice their displeasure with the new cable arrangement.

Time Warner to cut back on diversity programming

Enaharo, host of the show Conversate In The AM, expressed the need for large companies to play a bigger role in securing programming for minorities.
“There is a need for diversity programming in cable television”, said Enaharo. “We as minorities are criminally underrepresented in the entertainment industry. Companies like Minority Brands and need the support of multi-billion dollar entities like Time Warner Cable for our audiences to be reached. Our mission is to bring quality entertainment to people of color, and that does not seem like a priority to Time Warner Cable.”

Speaking to 10TV news, Williams took Time Warner to task about the scarce availability of minority-based programming for cable subscribers.

There’s a lack of coverage. The Hispanic community, the Asian community. Our minority media collaborative is made up of different people from those various communities. Time Warner has ninety of the market, and lacking local programming is totally unacceptable for our local minority communities.

No response…yet

When asked what happened when they reached out to America’s second largest cable provider, Williams noted that Time Warner had yet to respond to any of the MMCC’s messages.

We have not received a response and we’ve been doing this campaign for over sixty days. But for over two and a half years, there has been persistent contact trying to get Time Warner to respond. We will continue to push. We will reach out with town hall hearings, we will continue our phone calls, our letter writing, we will take this issue national, because it is an issue that is not only affecting the Columbus community, it affects the larger community as well.

Pastor Lamarr concluded the press conference by stressing the need for Time Warner to respond to their concerns “as soon as possible” to discuss a solution to the issue.

As of today, the MMCC has yet to receive a response from Time Warner Cable. We here at will continue to follow this story as it develops, so keep checking back for more! Host Lands Guest Spot on Hit BET Television Show

Wednesday, November 14th, 2012

The 2012 presidential election has created a sense of excitement for us in the office. November 5th, General Partner and Director of Programming, Khari Enaharo, was flown to New York City to serve as a panelist on BET’s late-night talk show “Don’t Sleep”. The Viacom-owned television network positions the program in the same vein as “The Daily Show” and “The Colbert Report”. The show focuses on newsworthy stories from around the world, covering topics such as politics, culture, and sports. The episode centered on the impending election and three guests were invited to discuss which candidate had the country’s best interests in mind.

The panelists, known on the show as “Sleep Talkers”, consisted of three individuals: Democrat Harvard graduate Derrick Ashong, Republican anti-abortion advocate Tiffany Shorter, and TalktainmentRadio.comConversate in the AM” radio host Enaharo. While Ashong and Shorter disclosed their full support for either Barack Obama or Mitt Romney, Enaharo expressed his disappointment with the candidates’ lack of focus on African-American issues.

“Black male incarceration, unemployment, these factors create grave concern inside me how a demographic in such distress could be overlooked as if they didn’t exist”, said Enaharo after the taping when further asked about his feelings concerning President Obama and Governor Romney. “This election has talked about Latinos, gays, women, Wall Street, white males, and Jewish people. But the one group that has become invisible is African-Americans. I raise the question: ‘Aren’t I American?’”.

After declaring that he felt that neither candidate did their part in assuring African-Americans that they were a priority, Enaharo ultimately voiced his support for Barack Obama, who went on to win the election.

Our Event Was a Success!

Friday, November 9th, 2012

The Open House & Street Fair went great and members of the community really came out to show their support. The musical performances were superb, the food was excellent, and we were very pleased with the reception our open house received.

Saturday, November 3, the Discovery District was filled with sounds of live music coming from the stage. Local bands rocked the crowd with music that represented genres from all corners of the earth. Artists performed a mix of covers and original songs that had listeners moving and singing along:

– R&B group Soultress kicked things off by performing a slew of hits, even choosing to perform their stunning version of the “Dreamgirls” classic “Love You, I Do”!

– Hip-Hop group BHB proceeded to keep the crowd moving and shaking with their bass-heavy set.

– R&B/Jazz group Bits and Pieces lit up the stage with their performances, driving home their message of tying together different genres of music as a means to bring people together.

– Dance group I AM D.A.N.C.E. kept the crowd entertained in-between sets with their slick moves and cool footwork.

– The FYI Quintet delighted fans with their Jazz hits. Much to the audiences’ delight, the group even threw some Latin flavor into their songs!

Audaxis started off their energizing set by sampling some of music’s most popular chart-topping hits, and then followed with original content that had listeners rocking out.

The Flex Crew then ended the night with a set of their island-infused Reggae. The popular band had the crowd swaying with their dazzling set.

As music boomed through the air, attendees also had the opportunity to talk to local entrepreneurs and company representatives. Many organizations were in attendance, and we were event treated to a personal appearance by Ronald McDonald! By hosting the Open House & Street Fair, our mission was to show that we are proof of what can be achieved through community support. Our expansion to an additional building in the Discovery District is the result of hard work, perseverance, and the backing of the community. It is our belief that every artist, entrepreneur, and attendee left the event feeling encouraged and empowered by all that Columbus has to offer. We consider our mission accomplished.

The #1 Reason Why You Need To Attend the Open House + Street Fair

Thursday, November 1st, 2012

We’ve spent the past few days revealing reasons why the Open House & Street Fair is something you have to experience. We’ve highlighted the sense of community (#5), the free gifts we’re giving away (#4), the eclectic group of musical acts (#3), and the confirmed appearances from public figures (#2). You’ve waited all week, now we are ready to reveal the number one reason why you need to attend the Open House & Street Fair

Reason #1: THE FOOD!

What is a street fair without food?! We know you’re going to be working up an appetite, so we called some of the greatest local food vendors to come and keep your stomachs full. For those who love variety, you’re in luck because at our event there is truly something for everyone. The Flat Top Pizza Company will be on site making fresh pies for you marinara lovers. Love food with that “smoked” flavor added to it? Lukes BBQ will be cooking all of your summertime barbecue favorites. Vendors will be creating dishes originating from countries all around the world, so you’re going to want to come ready to eat! And don’t even get us started on dessert; Pies! Cakes! Sweets of all kinds! If you’ve got a sweet tooth, we’ve got you covered.

There are so many food options at the Open House & Street Fair; you will be spoiled for choice. So spoiled, in fact, that you may have to try a little bit of everything!

Created right here in Columbus by former Ohio State Buckeyes and the official healthy hydration of the Cleveland Cavaliers – OXYwater™ is supporting the Open House + Street Fair by donating over a thousand bottles of their product for complimentary public consumption. Speaking of the Cavaliers, one of our supporters will be GIVING AWAY tickets AND transportation to the December 11th Cavs game against the Lakers!

Come support your local entrepreneurs this Saturday, November 3, from 12-6pm. We can’t wait to see you there!

Why You Need To Be At Our Open House & Street Fair, Reason #2

Thursday, November 1st, 2012

Reason #2: The Public Figures

Keeping in the spirit of our theme in highlighting the importance of community, we thought it only natural to invite some memorable people from central Ohio. To help our celebration become one of the go-to events of the season, we’ve invited some high-profile names to join us. Today we’re showcasing two local public figures who are excited to join us and partake in Saturday’s activities.

Hearcel Craig: A lifelong resident of Columbus, the City Councilman is well-known throughout central Ohio. His prestige has attracted interest and interviews from the likes of and United Way of Central Ohio. A respected staple in the community, we are honored to welcome Hearcel Craig to the Open House & Street Fair.

Ted Williams: The Golden Voice will also be in attendance Saturday, November 3. Not only will Ted be coming, he will be signing copies of his book, “A Golden Voice, for those who wish to purchase a copy. Come meet Ted ‘The Golden Voice’ Williams!

Don’t forget, the Open House & Street Fair is Saturday, November 3, from 12pm – 6pm. Don’t miss your chance to meet these two amazing people as well as many other great guests!

Why You Need To Be At Our Open House & Street Fair, Reason #3

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

Reason #3: The Music

We are bringing you a day of nonstop music and performances. From beginning to end, your ears will be treated to the sounds of some of the most talented artists in central Ohio. We’ve booked musical acts from every genre; from reggae to dubstep, rock to hip-hop, we’ve got you covered.

the flex crew

The Flex Crew, photo credit:

The Open House & Street Fair will feature artists such as the genre-crossing Audaxis, local rappers Deflock & Midwe$$ G and Latin-infused jazz musicians FYI Quintet. Attendees can also expect to see local favorite The Flex Crew playing some of their biggest reggae, funk, and soul hits. All of these groups will be at our event, and we’ve got even more performers lined up! Are you ready to be entertained?


Audaxis, photo credit:

Why You Need To Be At Our Open House & Street Fair, Reason #4

Tuesday, October 30th, 2012

Reason #4: The Giveaways (aka FREE STUFF!)

Who doesn’t love free stuff?! The Open House & Street Fair is all about the community, so what better way to celebrate that than sending YOU home with a little something to remember us by? We’re giving away some items that we think you’re going to love!

  • Gas prices hurting your wallet? We’re giving away free gas cards!
  • Need something cool to put your drink in? We’ve got branded mugs!
  • Looking for something comfortable to wear? We’re giving you t-shirts!
  • Into fitness? Lifestyle and weight management consultant, Shebah T. Carfagna, will be giving away free Panache Fitness exercise DVDs!

One of the best parts about coming to an event like this is being able to snag some free swag. We’ve got the goods, and we’ve got something for everybody!

Why You Need To Be At Our Open House & Street Fair, Reason #5

Monday, October 29th, 2012

In case you haven’t heard, we’re hosting a party. Because the art of entertainment is our specialty, you know you can expect an afternoon full of fun. The thing is, we’re not ready to lift the lid about everything…YET. Here’s the scoop: Every day for the next five days, we will be revealing the reasons, one by one, why you have to experience our Open House & Street Fair. Ready for reason number five?

Reason #5: The Sense of Community

Our open house and street fair is all about bringing the community together. Because Columbus is known for its openness, diversity, and inclusiveness, we want to celebrate that joy of community with all of you. And what better place to have a celebration than at our home, the Discovery District?!

{photo courtesy of}

The Discovery District is the home of many educational institutes, art studios, city parks, and historical properties. In addition to, the Columbus College of Art and Design, Topiary Park, and the Columbus Museum of Art are all located here. Basically, this area is overflowing with culture and style. The sense of community the Discovery District exudes gives us reason to place is at reason number five for why you need to be at the Open House & Street Fair.

The Golden Voice Ted Williams wants to see You at his book signing!

Monday, October 22nd, 2012

If you’re a routine reader of our blog, visitor to our website, or listener of our online radio programming you know we’re having an open house and street fair on Saturday, November 3rd from noon until 6PM and each and every one of our listeners is invited.

Not only will we have entertainment and food trucks, but The Golden Voice himself – Ted Williams will also be in attendance signing copies of his new book: A Golden Voice

Ted is just as excited as we are about the first ever Discovery District street fair, and he’s inviting YOU to join us! Listen to Ted Williams invite you to’s Open House & Street Fair.