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   Is a show that combines imagination, technology, and marketing. It is designed to showcase and teach people that are using modern technology, modern marketing methods, and other creative , NONTRADITIONAL ways to make money. The goal of the show is to show everyday people how to use technology to make money in new ways rather being forced to start brick and motar buisnesses that require large capital and resources. Hosted by Janae "Lady J" Miller & Edward "Cassonavaredd" Andrews. Two experienced marketers and networkers. Tune in and be entertained and educated at the same time! Oniy on TalkTainmentRadio. 

Janae Miller This is a snapshot of Janae
Miller’s accomplishments & interests. She was born in Columbus Ohio & has
always defied the odds against her. Always being told what she couldn’t do,
wouldn’t be able to do, or even was told not to do gave her the motivation to
overcome every obstacle she ever faced. Janae began performing at a young
age. Learning to play the piano and eventually playing gigs all over Ohio while
simultaneously using her voice lessons to become an accomplished singer as
well. Janae sang and toured with both amateur & professional choirs
performing in front of many large crowds. Janae also was a radio host doing
both Talk Radio and worked as an on air disc jockey. Janae Always stayed
busy but it never stopped her from volunteering in the community. Janae has
assisted with community clean-ups, painting murals and buildings, feeding the
homeless, and many other volunteer projects. After graduating from Wright
State University, Janae served on multiple committees. Most of them were
created to help the disabled have a voice. But not only have a voice, but be
given opportunities to work along aside people who are not disabled. In
addition to providing them with accommodations that would allow them to live
and work and play more efficiently & comfortably. While Janae’s passion is
fighting for the disabled her passion often extends to helping people in general.
She has never allowed being disabled (unsighted) to stop her from living life to
the fullest. Janae also refuses to settle so she always strives to make her dreams
& imagination become her reality while helping others do the same. As a
speaker & presenter she has honed her craft & has developed into an expert
that teaches others to excel & overachieve. In fact, Janae is always finding
ways to top her past achievements with newer, more challenging ones.

   Edward Andrews always had the gift of gab and realized early on that he was a natural salesman. Edward’s 1st successful sales & marketing venture was at age 18. He bought unbranded potato chips from a local factory & had an artist design & brand the bags. He also had a weekly cartoon on the bags. The bags were so popular that Edward was able to mark up the sales price by over 200%. Since then Edward has always been affiliated with sales. He has been successful in both telemarketing & door-to-door sales. And more recently online sales campaigns & marketing consultation. At companies like Bellsouth(AT&T), United American (Insurance), & Time Warner Cable Edward was a top sales rep that won many awards. Edward also freelances as a marketing consultant & his clients vary from Chiropractors to Ministers to Small Business owners and Solo Entrepreneurs. Edward enjoys helping businesses grow and using his creativity to resolve the most challenging of marketing problems. His talents also include writing, teaching, public speaking, fund raising, & acting. Edward has used those talents to write for blogs and websites, appear in plays, host radio shows & podcasts and even perform with a local choir.

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