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Biography of Reverend Clifford Ray Riley

Love for life, love for family, love for people are only a few ways to describe Rev. Riley. Most importantly his love for God is what has compelled him to preach God's Word.

Rev. Riley is no stranger to the Christian way of life, for he was religiously educated in a Christian home and taught to always lean and depend on God. Born on March 25th, 1957 in Oak Hill, West Virginia to the Late Alonzo and Evelyn Riley, he is the fifth of ten children (eight sisters and one brother).

Married to Marsha M. Booker they have two sons Gregory and Anthony.

In 1979 he was ordained Deacon, and 1984 was appointed Pastor of Pleasant Valley Baptist Church for 10 years. During his time at Pleasant Valley, he completed his seminary studies at Hill Top Baptist Convention Center. And after his relocation to Columbus, Ohio in 1997 became the Associate Minister of Mt. Gerizim Baptist Church under Rev. Jack E. Watkins. And was appointed Pastor of Mt. Gerizim March 5, 2006.

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